Promotions - Rent, Ride, Return, Recycle

Eelectrek Motor Scooters will introduce a special program to help give young riders a chance to experience responsible, emission free motoring with "Rent, Ride, Return, Recycle".

The program, expected in fall, 2020, will offer new customers an 18-24 month rental/lease term on a new scooter with a very economical pricing plan. When the scooters are returned at the end of the term, they will be "recycled" with upgrades and new battery packs that will reflect new technology advances. These "recycled" vehicles will be reintroduced into the program with assurance that the scooters will have a brand-new look and feel. This program is being promoted to colleges and universities across the United States as well as to large cities that want to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.

- Rent, Ride, Return, Recycle!
Collect a $10.00 Starbucks gift card when you take a test drive in November and December, 2020.

- Take a test drive, grab a free Starbucks gift card.