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– All-electric, High Performance, The Right Choice –
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Be Happy

Enjoy freedom from fossil fuels for freedom to ride responsibly.
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Be Responsible

Your choice to ride emission free has a very important impact on our healthy environmental future.
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Deliver Pizza

We offer a full line of accessories that can turn your personal transportation scooter into a part-time or full-time money maker.


Welcome to the new line of eelectrek Motor Scooters

All-electric, high performance, the right choice!.

image We invite you to experience the 2020 eelectrek Motor Scooters and welcome you to a new generation of all-electric, high performance, on-road vehicles. The 2020, 4000 and 6000MP offer unrivaled performance in an all-electric motor scooter. Style and performance highlight the new eelectrek Swift making this scooter a perfect option for campus and intown driving.